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KIU Rangers statistician Zainah Nantambi's incredible Job behind the Scenes


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-It is widely agreeable that the current KIU women basketball team is one of the finest ever and that the coach, players and the team's administration should have their due credit but there are also other individuals whose roles on the team must not be overlooked.

Among these individuals is the team's statistician Zainah Nantambi, a finalist student of social work and social administration at KIU main campus. Her contribution to the team require technical expertise to explain but she sometimes acts as the team's mirror upon which perfection is best sought.

Nantambi's job involves reporting every step and action of individuals on Court which in the end helps them and the coach to identify weaknesses and strengths.

"Oh! She's so helpful mainly at practices for keeping count of the statistics for the different players for every scrimmage," KIU Rangers head coach, Rogers Sseruyingo admits.

"We normally get feedback and actually players can foul out at practice. This helps with actual game simulations and scenarios," he adds.

Nantambi says, the job brings her closer to people of different ideas, backgrounds and cultures and has enhanced her knowledge of basketball.

"I feel good about being part of the KIU Rangers basketball team. It is a great pleasure meeting people from different countries sharing a variety of ideas and thoughts," she admits.

Apart from taking down stats, Nantambi must keep a keen eye on every individual on the court. This requires her physical presence at every training session which has managed with absolute dexterity so far to the extent that her match day statistics are used by the team to verify the federations records.

"I normally use her stats and compare them to the FUBA ones for conclusiveness," Titans coach Rogers Sseruyingo acknowledges.

When asked about how she got to the office, Nantambi gives credit to God and Rangers fitness Coach Joel Munyendoh who exposed him to everything basketball.

"I think it's God almighty who paved a way for me through Mr munyendoh," she says.

Being a social worker, Nantambi wants to become a human rights activist who can always help those in need and as well as find solutions for the marginalized groups in society.

Despite being an ardent basketball lover, Nantambi hardly plays the game. She only listens to gospel music in her free time.

She admits that this season's Rangers team is more determined to fetch glory than ever. She sees the ladies in green going to the finals this time.