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KIU Rotaract Participates in Noble 2023 Cancer Run


By Kiconco Agnes

KIU MAIN CAMPUS- Driven by a strong desire to create hope in the world through service above self, the Rotaract Club of Kampala International University (KIU) joined the rest of the Rotaractors, Rotarians, and well-wishers in the 2023 cancer run.

The 12th edition cancer run which took place on Sunday, 28th August at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala attracted a large crowd of over 40,000 participants, including over 20 Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of KIU. The big crowd was able to mobilize funds amounting to over UGX. 1.56 shillings.

Funds gathered will be used to support in the construction of cancer treatment facilities in Uganda with a major focus on Nsambya Hospital Cancer bankers that will enable Ugandans to access treatment facilities that are only found out of the country.

Glad to be part of this big cause alongside his team, Oliver Maxwell the President of the Rotaract Club of KIU said, "We are glad this time Rotaract Club of Kampala International University was deeply involved in 2023 cancer run preparation.  As the president, I was part of the organising committee while we had other 5 more Rotaractors as officials helping in different committees".

Maxwell also added that besides fulfilling the pledge to serve above self,  the noble run once again reignited their call to unite against cancer which has been voted one of the leading deadly diseases.

Now that the 12th cancer run edition is complete, Maxwell and the entire Rotaract Club of KIU look forward to the Club's installation and induction ceremony scheduled for Saturday, 16th September, 2023 at Hotel International Muyenga at 4:00 pm.

"We call upon all students, lecturers, staff members, Rotaractors, and Rotarians to join us," Maxwell said in conclusion