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KIU Soccer Team to host Former stars this afternoon

By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU Soccer team will this afternoon host a team of former footballers at the University’s main playgrounds. This is part of the team's preparation for the University league which has been postponed to a date yet to be disclosed.

KIU Soccer Coach Geoffrey Akabwai said that he invited the Alumni to inspire and help guide the youngsters ahead of the University league.

"I want them to come and instill a positive message to the players in form of counseling, most of them played this university league and I wanted them to come talk to the team in expectation of what they should find in the coming league, how they should treat themselves at the campus, how they should take their studies serious besides football and how they should live exemplary while at the campus," he said.

"And also in a way support the team, we lack so many equipment and these old boys coming, you never know some may come along with balls, beeps, and many others just to give back to the team and also show the Admins of the University that they exist."

"We had a similar friendly before COVID-19 and we are hoping that it goes on and on. we, therefore, call upon all fans to turn up in numbers to cheer up their own old boys and new players displaying talent."

The Alumni team will be led by team 1999-2000 captain, Fredrick Kyobe Ssemp and will feature, Mbarushimana Aziz, Kazindula Ibrahim, Juma, Babu Bashir, Kagingo Ismail(Former Beach Soccer Captain), Calvin, Katongole and many others.

Former KIU football and Sports Club Villa head coach Edwardo Kaziba will be in charge of the Alumni team while Akabwai will take care of his boys.

The opening of the Pepsi-sponsored University league was postponed for reasons that are yet to be disclosed though it is thought that the decision was informed by the fact that some Universities had not yet re-opened like the case of kyambogo University according to unspecified reports.

"We could not start the league yet one of the universities was still in holiday. Other reasons are best known by AAUS," Akabwai noted.