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KIU Somali Students Association Aids Somali students to settle in


By Agnes Kiconco

KIU, MAIM CAMPUS - The President of the Somali Students Association KIU - Abdihafid Mustaf Elmi spearheaded the orientation program organized to aid the newly admitted Somalis students settle in.

Surrounded by different culture compared to the one they were brought up in back in Somalia, the approximately 40 new students are trained to slowly adjust to the new culture they are exposed to at the University, as they continue to embrace their homeland culture.

"The purpose of this orientation is that we want to introduce our newly admitted students to their new environment and we provide them with the basic organizational information that students need to feel prepared for their new environment and role within the university," emphasized the Association's President Mustaf.

As the orientation went on, the Association's President also appreciated and awarded some of the Executives of the Somali Association who have paid major contributions to the call of duty for the Somali students.

The awarded executives were listed as; Ahmed Dek Ahmed, Deka Abdullahi Kulmie, Abdirahman Ibrahim Dahir, Abdulahi Farah Warsame, and Ahmed Hussein Abdi.

The orientation was also attended by Dr. Derrick Ssekajugo, the Dean and Deputy Principal School of Economics, the President of Guild Union Moses Ebye, and the Prime Minister of Guild Union Marvin Nsereko.