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KIU Somali Student's Association gets new leaders


By Ashirafu Sekajja

KIU Somali Student's Association on Tuesday 11th, April 2023 voted for new leaders that will lead the association for the next one year.

Mohammed Nur Ahmed swept the polls with 141 votes while his main competitor in the presidential race, Afaf Ahmed Abdi trailed with 51 votes. The total number of votes was 194, two votes were invalid amounting to valid 192 ballots.

Nur, having emerged victorious from this race and if no complaint is raised, will take office as president of the KIU Somali Student's Association for the next one year replacing Mustafa Abdihafid who has been in charge since April 2022.

Tuesday's poll began with some tension but later the situation normalized before the overall process was declared free and fair.

Winners from Tuesday's elections will be sworn in office on Saturday 15th April 2023.