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KIU Somali Students' Association Holds Elections


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Polls have opened as Somali students seek to change their association's executive members for the first time in two years. Though few students were present by the time voting opened this morning at 8am, the turn up is expected to increase in the afternoon. Voting will close at 2pm.

According to the electoral commission of Kampala International University Somali Students' Association, the elections have been organised under the 'one person one vote' model.

Two candidates, Abdihafid Mustaf Elmi and Abdirahman Ibrahim Dahir, are running for the presidency of the association in what many people have described as a clash of titans.

The candidates that emerge victorious in today's election will lead the association for the next one (1) year as opposed to the previous two years where change of power was hampered by COVID-19 lockdown and it's consequences.