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KIU Staff Profile: Umaru Tumwebaze Wants to be a Business Guru


KIU, Western Campus – Umaru Tumwebaze, a Library Assistant at KIU Western Campus and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) student at the same campus says he will be somewhat contented when he becomes a successful businessman.

The soft-spoken business student says it has always been his dream to be a business guru and mentor of other like-minded people.

“I will know that I have reached somewhere in my life when I become a successful businessman and mentor, which is the main reason I decided to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration,” Tumwebaze says.

And he says he is garnering the right knowledge and skills at school.

“”I am getting the right analytical skills related to business especially in security and profile analysis which is my main point of interest,” he reveals.

“I am also getting knowledge from other vital areas of business like accounting and corporate finance, which can supplement security and profile analysis,” Tumwebaze adds.

Tumwebaze, who joined KIU in 2015, says that he loves his job because it enables students to easily access the reading materials they need in as short a time as possible.

He is grateful to KIU because he is a beneficiary of the university’s Staff Development Scheme, which allows staff members to upgrade on their education at a subsidized cost.

He says he has also been able to get work experience at KIU as well as friends, who he says will be major mainstays in his life for the foreseeable future.

Tumwebaze says he wants to expand his knowledge base in business and specialize in his main interests so that he can achieve his dreams in less than five years from now.

We wish you the best on your business journey Umaru.

Photo: Collins Kakwezi