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KIU Student Voices: 'Let’s Celebrate Mothers' by Isaac Akugizibwe


By Isaac Akugizibwe

Apart from bearing seeds of continuity, mothers are pillars of unending hope. Their undisputable love is the only evidence that true love exists.

From carrying a baby in the womb for nine months to breastfeeding, nursing and sanitizing it, a mother still keeps a natural smile. She feels happy to make her child smile even when the overriding conditions require her to take a rest.

A mother goes through challenges that are inexpressibly hard to define but still never thinks of giving up. She wakes up early to prepare children for school, does domestic chores and still goes back to bed last. This is not because it is her responsibility to do so but a natural conviction that makes her happy.

Even during creation, God felt humanity would be incomplete without a woman, thus He created Eve the mother of all human beings to assist Adam in recreation and that was the beginning of thousands of generations that have walked the earth. A mother’s contribution requires the highest reward in nature that no man or technology can define.

There are uncountable reasons to celebrate a mother but there is one big one to respect her. She is as priceless as life.