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KIU Students Invited to Write Environment Stories for US Company Krosskeys Communications


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Students are invited to write social impact environment stories for US Company Krosskeys Communications LLC.

The company is looking for writers who can articulate how Africa is progressing on the global environment and climate front.

“The subject matter is serious and scientific, but our aim is to appeal to a wider audience that includes non-academic and non-technical readers,” reads a communication from Renuka Naj (in the picture), the founder of Krosskeys.

“We hope to illuminate the progressive work of Africans by Africans so as to enhance cross-cultural understanding and share best practices from the field. Sometimes this may involve explaining to readers how modern technology and local cultures intertwine to influence positive outcomes,” she adds.

Journalistic experience is not required but ability to write clearly and entertainingly is crucial. The ability to support your story with photos, data, and comments from people who are benefiting from projects is important. 

“We would like 500-word stories on topics that include but are not limited to products and services that focus on the conservation of forests and water, the contribution of women and youth, the protection of biodiversity, the adoption of new technology, and the contribution of indigenous people,” Renuka reveals.

“Stories could feature ordinary people who have pushed the boundaries of possibility to inspire others to take action. We are not interested in political stories, but only in social impact ones,” she adds.

Krosskeys will mentor writers by providing feedback and helping them to shape their stories for mainstream audiences. 

“Our goal at Krosskeys is to help raise awareness of environment-friendly products and services, amplify local voices to protect our planet, and expand cross-cultural understanding to facilitate the transition to a sustainable lifestyle,” she says.

Writers will have their stories shared on Krosskeys' platform and have trheir ideas amplified.

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