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KIU students set to visit Parliament of Uganda on Tuesday


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU students will attend Tuesday's parliamentary session as part of their legal trip to the Parliament of Uganda. This trip organised by the KIU law Society is aimed at giving students a close feel of the country's legal factory.

Despite being organised by the Law Society, the Legal trip is open to all KIU students who wish to learn more about the law. And according to Livingston Muhumuza, the speaker KIU Law Society, they have prepared interactions with parliamentarians, lawyers and other resourceful people at the Parliament of Uganda.

"This trip is open to all KIU students who want to know more about how laws are made, presentation of motions, petitions among others, so it is a chance that should never be overlooked," Muhumuza said.

He added that they will Set off from KIU main campus at 8 AM to reach parliament in time. He said that this will enable them to attend a parliamentary session which will start at 10 Am.

After the session, they will visit the legal department for an interactive session before touring around and inside the parliament.

" Our main aim is to learn how motions are presented on the floor of parliament as well as finding out the different functions of the parliamentary legal department and what actually differentiates it from the lawmakers," Livingston Muhumuza disclosed.

It should be noted that the Legal trip will be the first biggest project for the KIU law Society since David Reagan Kaddu took over as president earlier this year.

He said tomorrow's trip will bridge the gap between the students and the legal practitioners.

President Kaddu has promised so many other groundbreaking initiatives as his term of office heads midway.