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KIU Successfully Participates in the 1st Regional Higher Education Exhibition


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-  KIU joined several other universities and institutions of higher education at the 14th Higher Education Exhibition hosted by Uganda Christian University at their Graduation grounds in Mbale City from March 21st to 23rd.

This was the 1st Regional Higher Education Exhibition and ran on the theme: “Fostering Graduate Employability and Innovations”

Among the many projects that KIU displayed were some of the standout students’ innovations and inventions like the smart Solar Clear, Robotics and the Robotic IP Camera.

In her speech as guest of honour, Rebecca Kadaga, the deputy Minister in Charge of East African affairs hinted on the need for creativity and innovation in institutions of higher learning as one of the key things that will enable Uganda to realize Vision 2040.

"I encourage students therefore to embrace innovation and universities should ensure that they get resources that will enable them produce employable graduates," she said.

"Assist the students to carry out research and I have seen a lot of innovations here on different stalls. Let the students make research on how to improve their projects but also help them protect their innovations," she added.

Kadaga also encouraged educationists to equip students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

"Problem solving and critical thinking skills will enable them to compete for employment," she explained.

She also said that the Government is making tremendous efforts to improve the quality of education at all levels.

She acknowledged the need for improvement in education at the East African regional level where majority of the people find it hard to access particular courses in international Universities.

"I think the problem is in compatibility, especially in language. We speak different languages in East Africa, for example, in Uganda we use English as on official language but we have countries that use Kiswahili and French," she noted.

The National Council for Higher Education used the opportunity to demand for the establishment of the National Research and Innovation Fund to be prioritized in the Next financial year.

The exhibition will be moving from one region to another as it seeks to boost creativity, innovation and research in institutions of higher learning across Uganda.

It was attended by several students from both institutions of higher learning and secondary schools as well as Institutional heads and several government officials.