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KIU Teaching Hospital Develops a New Tool to Enhance Patient Service


KIU, Western Campus – The Directorate of Quality Assurance at Kampala International University Western Campus has developed a new tool to help enhance customer service to patients at the Teaching Hospital.

The tool, called the "patient exit survey form," will capture feedback from patients on their satisfaction regarding the services provided by KIU Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Grace Akinyi Odongo, the Deputy Director Quality of Assurance at the Western Campus, said the tool was developed to ensure that the hospital improves the quality of the services it offers and explained how it will work.

“Patients who understand English will fill the form themselves, but for the illiterate ones, we have monitoring officers in the hospital who will help them fill out the form. The monitoring officers will also help collate the information collected,” Dr. Odongo said.

The form is a questionnaire with 12 questions ranging from the quality of assistance from hospital staff, hygiene and safety to the effectiveness of the treatment. Every patient will be required to fill out the form before discharge.

The tool was rolled out on 5th March, 2020 and is currently in use at the Teaching Hospital.