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KIU to hold 1st Inter-Faculty Debate Union at Western Campus


The KIU-WC Debate Union, courtesy of the Timeless Mission Debate Union, is organizing their first-ever Inter-Faculty Debate Championship set to take place from 13th to 15th February 2020 under the Theme: ‘The Future of Africa’. The debate will expound more on the relevance of University Students' engagement in issues that affect the community and the world in regards to the Future of Africa.

Timeless Mission is a student-based organization within Kampala International University Western Campus. Their objective is to mentor debaters, public speakers through training, organizing and adjudicating debates, dialogues, and solving brain challenges among others. They also mentor writers and poets.

The competition shall include all schools/faculties, and the debate format to be used will be British Parliamentary. There shall be four parliamentary rounds that shall run through a span of two days, and the semi-final and finals on the third day where the crowning of the winners of the 1st Inter-Faculty Debate Championship at KIU-WC will also take place.

The adjudication panel shall comprise of external adjudicators who shall be neutral and with competence, experience and moral integrity in the discipline of debate, having been recognized debaters and public speakers at national and international levels.

Patrick Asaba, the President Debate Union at KIU-WC, says this competition will contribute a great deal to the KIU Community.

“We want to nurture KIU students into individuals who can speak fluently and think critically together with diverse knowledge from class as well,” he says, “They can then be of great influence to the society, not just mere academicians.”

“It serves exemplary purposes to students perhaps bonding us together,” he adds, “This debate will be in opening ceremony session for Inter-Faculty Debates.”