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KIU to Participate in 12th National Council For Higher Education Exhibition.


KIU, Main Campus - On 19th March  2020, Kampala International University will participate in the 12th National Council for Higher Education(NCHE) Exhibition which will last three days. This exhibition will take place at UMA Show Grounds, Lugogo. The exhibition will be under the theme: "Higher Education and Private Sector; Preparing Human Resource Capital for the 4th Industrial Revolution."


The purpose of the exhibition is for the universities to showcase to the public what they have achieved and how they have advanced as far as technology is concerned.


According to Kabuga Daniel Mulindwa, Deputy Director, Directorate of Marketing and Public Relations, the exhibition is a chance for the university to showcase what they have in regard to technology.


"We shall be able to market the University more to the outside world. It's a marketing opportunity for us because we shall showcase how far we have moved with technology," he said.


In addition, Mulindwa said that all universities are always invited to partake in this exhibition and many people from all walks of life including secondary students and parents attend the event.


In 2019, KIU also participated in the 11th edition of the NCHE exhibition under the third category: Chartered, Private and Public Universities. That exhibition was under the theme: "Mainstreaming Information and Communication Technology: Exploitation of Social Media for Higher Education Delivery and Management."


This year, the NCHE exhibition will mainly expound on upgrading the 3rd Industrial Revolution, with focus on;


  1. Artificial Intelligence,
  2. New Computer Technology, making computers smarter
  3. Blockchain
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Biotechnology, Developing New Pharmaceuticals and Materials.
  6. Robotics
  7. Energy Capture, Transmission and Storage.
  8. 5G Internet.