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KIU to participate in the Inter-University Debate Challenge 2020


Kampala International University is set to participate in the Inter-University Debate Challenge (IUDC) organized by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). The IUDC is born as an idea to contribute in shaping and nurturing University students’ futures in leadership, economy, education, health, agriculture, sports, social and cultural affairs in the country through a competitive platform of expression of ideas and uniquely choreographed to allow students to gain broad knowledge across all human disciplines.
This competition is aimed at ‘’ Empowerment of young people into citizens upon whom Uganda shall stand tomorrow’’. UBC believes that this debate challenge will be a great inspiration to the continent and the debate will bring clarity of purpose on how young people articulate different issues which are important in developing critical thinking skills and firm character while training students in deeper, better idea clarification, networking and promoting the University brand through UBC national coverage.
52 Ugandan Universities are expected to participate in this competition and will comprise of six rounds where Winners of each stage will come out with cumulative cash prizes and a grand prize of USD 50,000 to the best University. 

The program will also actively involve representatives from local and international organizations, civil societies, associations, associations, researchers, policymakers and implementers with the full participation of the public through voting and contribution of views through direct phone calls and by internet media using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.
Technical judges shall award 70%, and the public through voting shall contribute 30%. Participating Universities will also get a chance of being watched live during competition and also promotion of their University 3 times a week.

John Guest Kisembo, the President of the KIU Debate Union expressed his excitement for the upcoming Debate challenge.

“It’s an opportunity that everyone would desire,” he says, “But most importantly, we are very blessed because we are going to be marketing the institution and ourselves as well.”

John also says that their main motivation to participate in the Debate Challenge is to project KIU as the best leading private university in every aspect, including debate.

“The KIU debate team is very confident because it has had the best debaters of all time, and the fact that we have committed and passionate debaters,” he says.

John also speaks of future prospects for the Debate Union including several tournaments that are coming up like ACFODE Debate Challenge.  
“We are also working hand in hand with the Guild Union to organize the first KIU Interfaculty  Debate Challenge this semester,” he says, “so they are quite a lot of things that we are organizing.”
Kampala International University is set to explore the heights during this competition.