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KIU Together: Ataho Putting Engineering Skills Into Practice in Lockdown


KIU, Western Campus – Yusuf Ataho, a second-year engineering student at KIU’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) is grabbing the bull by its horns and putting class materials into practice by doing small scale construction.

Ataho, who doubles as the Vice-President of the School of Engineering, says he is doing small scale construction at his parents’ home in Kyemmamba, Lyantonde district during the lockdown.

“I have built a kitchen at our home since the previous kitchen had become old and I also repainted our house because the paint was fading,” Ataho said.

“As an engineer, I had to show my family what I am capable of and that I’m not wasting time at school. My parents are very happy with me now,” he added.

Ataho says his primary concern, however, is his books. He studies for three hours every day after he completes his share of the daily chores.

He says he wakes up very early in the morning and helps to milk the cows, after which he takes them to the farm to graze. He comes back early from the farm, just in time for lunch and after a little rest, he reads his books and later engages in other extracurricular activities like watching movies or reading novels.

In the evenings, he jogs around home and then spares time to talk to his grandparents, who he says have been a great source of information and knowledge pertaining to his culture.

Ataho advised his fellow students not to take the lockdown period as a holiday but rather an opportunity to grasp the concepts they are taught in class.

“We should use this period wisely. Some people may think it’s a holiday but it is not. When the lockdown ends, no matter when that is, we shall have to go back to school and our teachers will expect us to be all on the same page,” he said.

Ataho also wished his fellow Muslims a blessed fasting season of Ramadan.