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KIU Together: Bucyana Opened YouTube Channel to Empower People During Lockdown


KIU, Western Campus – Emmanuel Bucyana discovered the secret behind self-empowerment a long time ago, which is partly why he has been part of the Guild Union right from his first year in Kampala International University’s Western Campus.

However, being a leader, he has always wanted to pass on this virtue but has thus far lacked a proper medium for projecting his message.

The three-time Member of Parliament and former Education Minister in the KIU Western Campus guild union, however, found his answer, when at the beginning of the lockdown he fathomed the idea of starting a YouTube channel, to spread his gospel.

“Empowerment is a unique power. I have seen it lift so many students, giving them a reason to focus on a purposeful life,” the fifth-year student of Medicine says.

He reaped positive results with the first two videos he uploaded just two weeks ago, garnering over 500 views and 183 subscribers by the time of publication of this story. Watch the videos here.

“I have received testimonies and feedback from people I don’t know, telling me how they were blessed and empowered by the videos I shared,” Bucyana, who is self-isolating in his house in Ishaka, says.

The videos are basically inspirational, instilling self-belief and confidence in oneself, and the genesis and benefit of a purposeful driven life.

On a personal level, he has used the lockdown to focus on self-growth and do a self-evaluation of his life. He says he has got closer to God and also does lots of writing and reading self-help books.

Bucyana, also a Student Representative to the Programme Assessment Committee says when he is not empowering fellow youth, he is buried in his books since he is on the brink of completing his medicine course.

“I am taking my studies seriously, reading the course content and assignments given to us by the lecturers because I do not want to fall at the last hurdle,” Bucyana says.

He advises his fellow students not to rest on their laurels and complain about the situation, but rather try to look for ways of making the best out of it.

“We should see opportunities in all situations and look for ways to get over them. We should think of the future and layout means of how we can get to the future we envision,” he shared.