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KIU Trivia: April 15 in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

World Art Day. World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts which was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA) in order to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide. The date was decided in honor of the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci was chosen as a symbol of world peace, freedom of expression, tolerance, brotherhood and multiculturalism as well as art’s importance to other fields.

Universal Day of Culture. The Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace, known also as the World Day of Culture, is an observance held annually on April 15 in many countries around the world to promote the protection of culture, the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace. The Universal Day of Culture was proposed by the author of the Roerich Pact - the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. In several articles and letters, written in 1931-1935, he spoke about the Universal Day of Culture. In his "Greetings to the Bruges conference in 1931" Roerich defined the Universal Day of Culture as a day which "shall be consecrated to the full appreciation of all national and universal treasures of culture"

What Happened Today?

1. In 1912, the Titanic sunk. The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg just before midnight on 14th April. The Ship with 2,200 passengers and crew on board on its maiden voyage was thought to be unsinkable but it sank after 2 1/2 hours when the ship breaks in two in the Atlantic Ocean, With More than 1,500 people on the ship lost to the sea.

2. In 1989, the Hillsborough disaster occurred. The FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, turned to tragedy when at least 200 people were injured and 96 crushed to death, many of them teenagers and children. The problems were caused by too many Liverpool fans being allowed into the back of an already full stand at the Leppings Lane end of the ground, as more fans were allowed in those already there were pushed forward and crushed against the high, wired-topped safety fences.

3. In 2014, the Chibok girls in Nigeria were abducted. An estimate of over two hundred girls were taken from their school after an attack by the Boko Haram Islamist militant group in Chibok, Nigeria. The girls were thought to be taken to a hard-to-access remote area of forest in the country or out of the country. Over fifty of the girls had been able to escape.


1. 1940 – David Oyite-Ojok, former army commander under the Tito Okello Lutwa regime.

2. 1955 – Dodi Fayed, deceased boyfriend of British Princess Diana – also deceased.

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