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KIU Trivia: February 5 in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

Give Kids a Smile Day. Give Kids A Smile program was created by the American Dentist Association in 2003. It was a way for dentists to come together with their communities to provide dental services such as oral health, education, screenings, preventive health, and treatment to children in families in the U.S. who cannot afford it.

The event initially started out as a one-day event in February but has since grown into a national event annually

Bubble Gum Day. Bubble Gum Day is celebrated every first Friday of February. It’s a fun way to chew your favorite flavor of bubble gum, blow some spectacular bubbles and raise money, too. Bubble Gum Day helps raise money for schools and the charities they support. Students donate 50 cents to be able to chew bubble gum in class on Bubble Gum Day.

National Shower with a friend Day.National Shower with a Friend Day is a joke holiday, marked on February 5, in which you shower with a friend. This Day was proclaimed in July 2014 by the National Day Calendar.

What Happened Today?

In 2020, United States President Donald Trump was acquitted by the United States Senate in his first impeachment trial. 

In 1919, United Artiste is Founded and Charlie Chaplin was one of the film studio's founders.

In 1924, the Greenwich Time Signal is broadcast for the first time. The “BBC pips” are 5 short and 1 long tones that are broadcast by many BBC radio stations to mark the precise start of the hour.


1985 Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer

1987 Rabadaba, Ugandan Musician

1992 Neymar, Brazilian footballer

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