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KIU Trivia: July 8th in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

Math 2.0 Day. Math 2.0 Day celebrates math and technology, specifically the intersection between the two. On the day, mathematicians, educators, innovators, and policymakers come together to celebrate and also to raise awareness about math literacy and education. Mathematics and technology are part of everyday life—the symbiosis between them benefits our lives in areas such as transportation, construction, and entertainment. Because of its great importance to our lives, we celebrate this relationship today.

Be A Kid Again Day. This is a day dedicated to looking at the world as though you were still a child. It is a day to remember the simple things in life from your childhood. As adults, we worry so much about how others perceive us, and we many times don’t slow down to enjoy the moment. It’s a day to not worry as much and to just go with the flow. With the stress coming with the COVID-19 lockdown, it might help a little bit if you let go and did some childish things like showering in the rain.

What Happened Today?

1. In 1099, Around15,000 starving Christian soldiers began the siege of Jerusalem by marching in a religious procession around the city as its Muslim defenders watched. The siege was waged by European forces of the First Crusade, resulting in the capture of the Holy City of Jerusalem from the Muslim Fatimid Caliphate, and laying the foundation for the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, which lasted almost a century. 

2. In 1497, Vasco da Gama set off on a voyage to India from Lisbon with 4 ships. A year later, he reached the city of Calicut in southern India and became the first European to set foot in India by way of the sea.

3. In 1982, A failed assassination attempt against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein resulted in the Dujail Massacre over the next several months. Hundreds of men, women and children from Dujail were detained after the failed assassination attempt by the Shia Dawa Islamic Party. More than 140 people were sentenced and executed for their alleged involvement in the plot, including four people who were mistakenly killed during the mass executions. Hundreds more were sent into exile and their houses, farms and properties were demolished.


1. 1959 - Robert Knepper, American actor famous for starring as Theodore "T-bag" Bagwell in the popular series Prison Break.

2. 1992 - Son Heung-Min, Tottenham striker who is also the captain of the South Korean national football team.

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Photo: TV Guide