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KIU Trivia: May 26th in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

National Sorry Day (Australia). Also known as the National Day of Healing, this day is celebrated to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the country’s indigenous peoples, as part of an ongoing process of reconciliation between the indigenous peoples and the settler population. In the 20th century, the Australian government had children separated from their parents, with an aim to assimilate them into white culture, and this day is set aside to atone for these actions.

Independence Day (Guyana). The only English-speaking country in South America, Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.

Independence Day (Georgia). In 1918, the Democratic Republic of Georgia adopted the Act of Independence in the aftermath of the Russian revolution of 1917, establishing it as an autonomous nation.

What Happened Today?

1.    In 1908, explorers made the first oil find in the Middle East. The discovery in Masjed Soleiman had a major impact on the country’s and the world region’s economy and politics. More than half of the world’s oil reserves are found in the Middle East.

2.    In 2004, USA army veteran Terry Nichols was found guilty of 161 state murder charges for his participation in the Oklahoma City bombing, which killed around 168 people.

3.    The 2008 South China floods began, caused by torrential rains, lasting 20 days and causing landslides in 15 provinces of Southern and Eastern China. The floods killed 148 people and displaced more than 1.3 million.


1.    Lauryn Hill (in the picture), one of the greatest rappers of all time, makes 45 years of age.

2.    Scott Disick, an American socialite and TV personality, also husband of Kourtney Kardashian, makes 37 years.

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Photo: Thrive Global