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KIU Trivia: May 4th in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

International Firefighters Day. International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) is observed on May 4. It was instituted after a proposal was emailed out across the world on January 4, 1999 due to the deaths of five firefighters in tragic circumstances in a bushfire in Australia. It is celebrated toto support the lives lost and dedicated fire fighters who risk their lives every day to save life and property.

World Give Day. World Give Day was launched by GiveForward, an online fundraising tool designed to help people raise money for the causes and organizations that they care about in 2010. They describe it as "one day a year when people focus on giving. One day when people across the United States can join together to make a difference. One day, where every person, regardless of age or income level, can collectively have a huge impact. Whether people give money, time, resources, or random acts of kindness, it all helps."

 What Happened Today?

1.    In 1932, Al Capone, an American gangster and businessman who attained notoriety during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and boss of the Chicago Outfit, began life as convict 40886 in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary serving 11 years for Income Tax Evasion.
2.    In 1959, the 1st Annual Grammy awards were held. They recognized musical accomplishments by performers for the year 1958. Two separate ceremonies were held simultaneously on the same day; the first hotel in Beverly Hills, California, and the second in the Park Sheraton Hotel in New York City.
3.    In 2006, Picasso's portrait of his lover Dora Maar was sold at an auction at Sotheby's in New York for 95.2 million dollars. The portrait, painted in 1941, was considered the second most expensive painting at the time, under another Picasso painting that sold for 104 million dollars in 2004.


1928 – Maya Angelou, American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.
1965 – Robert Downey Jr, American actor and producer. 

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