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KIU Trivia: May 7th in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

National Space Day (USA). It dedicates the first Friday in May to the extraordinary achievements, benefits, and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. The goal of the observance is to promote math, science, technology, and engineering education in young people, The hope is to inspire them to pursue a career in science, especially a career in space-related jobs.

International Tuba Day. It is celebrated on the first Friday of May and it recognizes musicians around the world who struggle with the weight and size of their big instrument (in the picture). It's truly an important musical instrument, that no concert or symphonic bandleader would want to be without. Its big, deep sounds provide lots of character and "Oomph" to concert music.

What Happened Today?

1.    In 1946, Sony was founded. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita together with a small team of passionate and committed group of employees started to build “Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo” (Totsuko), or “Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute” into the well-known global conglomerate that it is today.

2.    In 1986, Patrick Morrow, a Canadian photographer and mountain climber, became the first person to complete the Seven Summits, having climbed the highest peak on each continent of the world.

3.    In 1998, Mercedes Benz bought Chrysler. The German automobile company Daimler-Benz–maker of the world-famous luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz–announced a $36 billion merger with the United States-based Chrysler Corporation.The purchase of Chrysler, America’s third-largest car company, by the Stuttgart-based Daimler-Benz marked the biggest acquisition by a foreign buyer of any U.S. company in history. 


1.    1861 – Rabindranath Tagore,  Indian polymath - poet, writer, playwright, composer, philosopher, social reformer and painter.

2.    1992 – Tyler Johnson, American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association.

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Picture credit: Collins Dictionary