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KIU Trivia: September 24 in the Present and the Past


What’s Happening Today?

Independence Day (Guinea Bissau). This is Guinea-Bissau's National Day and marks the unilateral declaration of independence from Portugal on September 24 1973.

Heritage Day (South Africa). On this day, South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people. It is when South Africans celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that makes up a "rainbow nation". It is the day to celebrate the contribution of all South Africans to the building of South Africa( 

What Happened Today?

1. In 1948, Honda Motor Company was founded by Soichiro Honda. The automobile manufacturer is also the world's largest producer of motorcycles.

2. In 1957, Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home stadium, opened its doors for football fans for the first time. Situated in Barcelona, Spain, it is the largest stadium in Europe and the 11th largest in the world, seating about 99,000 people.

3. In 2019, an impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump was initiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after a whistleblower alleged that Donald Trump may have abused the power of the presidency. Trump was accused of withholding military aid as a means of pressuring newly elected president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to pursue investigations of Joe Biden and his son Hunter and to investigate a conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, was behind interference in the 2016 presidential election.


1. 1902 - Ayatollah Khomeini, Iranian politician, revolutionary, and cleric and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He died in 1989

2. 1975 – Malinda Williams (in the picture), Black American actor and film producer.

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