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KIU TV Former Editor, Vicent Kawuma joins Buganda's BBS TV


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus -KIU Almunus and former editor at KIU TV, Vicent Kawuma has left Rest TV for Buganda Kingdom's broadcaster, BBS TV. He was unveiled on Wednesday 1st March 2023.

At BBS, Kawuma will serve as editor for news and other programs. Moving from Kansanga Miracle Center Church-owned Rest TV to Buganda Kingdoms Television, BBS is a big step for a man as passionate as Kawuma.

"I feel good that I am now taking a great step in my journalism career. Joining BBS is a great opportunity in my area of journalism," Kawuma told KIU Giraffe times.

Kawuma was one of the most outstanding journalism students during his time at KIU and played a pivotal role to popularize KIU TV with a regular broadcast of news every Friday evening. He advised mass communication students to follow his example.

"Journalism students should learn to be hard working and never to waste time on campus, I remember when I was the editor of KIU TV, many people despised me and so many were always mad at me while exercising my duties but I didn't fear because I knew I was doing what am supposed to," he noted.

"I also received advice earlier from my great lecturer Ocho then, who advised me to stand firm and concentrate on the practical bit of the course which pushed me to my first job at Rest TV  from where BBS got me," he added.

While at Rest TV, Kawuma gave his best despite some challenges like limited resources and remuneration. All he needed was to utilize the available platform as he aimed for greater heights which he is beginning to see.

"Being at Rest TV taught me hard work because I knew I had to give the best of me and honestly that was the job for me. I took it so seriously to get the best experience," he narrated.

Vicent Kawuma graduated from KIU with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication in November 2019 and is one of the University's Alumni that continued to explore the heights. We wish him the best in his new undertaking.