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KIU - Vodafone Partnership


KIU is a private University Chartered by the Government of the Republic of Uganda, which means that all the University's academic programmes and awards are nationally and internationally recognized. The University is also a member of reputed bodies like the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of African Universities and the Inter-University Council of East Africa. All University processes including student admissions and registration are guided by existing guidelines as approved by the University Senate, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the relevant professional Councils, Boards and Agencies.

About Vodafone

Vodafone, the second largest mobile operator in the world started operations on 1 st January 1985. In 30 years Vodafone has grown from a small mobile operator in the UK into a global business and one of the most valuable brands in the world. It operates in around 30 countries and partnering with networks in over 50 more with a client base of over 400 million customers around the world. Vodafone's vision is to empower everybody to be confidently connected and one of the channels to fulfill their promise is to empower the youth through our University youth programs by making a substantial investment in enhancing talent on two University programmes that are as follows;

The Graduate Development Programme

This will allow new graduates to develop their professional and behavioral skills and gain valuable work experience whilst making a useful contribution to the company. At the centre of the Graduate Development Programme is a six months' rotational programme, involving intensive experiential learning assignments and a seventh month for the Business improvement project which the graduate will be required to present at the end of the development program.

The Student Ambassador Programme This will allow students who are perusing their degree course at the university to have the opportunity to enhance their soft skills while still at school. By participating in this programme the students will be exposed to Vodafone Uganda business, products, and services and will be tasked with acting as the face of Vodafone at their university, promoting and selling the Vodafone products and services within the university or the Vodafone retail stores where they may be posted.

KIU's Student Benefits for the Graduate Program

In a competitive and tough Ugandan job market, KIU's students will gain exposure to real-world problems and issues. In effect, this will increase their marketability to employers when they graduate. Secondly, it would ease the transition from being a student to entering the workforce. At Vodafone, KIU's students will develop the self-confidence they need to tackle the demanding challenges of the modern workplace. Lastly, our students will have personal growth experiences and exposure to different job opportunities within Vodafone. Also, they will develop an expanded network of associates and professionals who they can benefit from in the future. KIU's Student Benefits for the Student Ambasador Program Vodafone will enable Student Brand Ambassadors to have an opportunity to:

  • Apply for internships
  • Special projects
  • Research
  • Participate in the Vodafone Uganda mentorship program, free data etc.
  • Students Brand Ambassadors will also have an opportunity to qualify for the graduateprogram and formal employment after completing their studies