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KIU WC Sets 75% Lecture Attendance Mark to Sit Exams


KIU, Western Campus - The Directorate of Quality Assurance at the Western Campus has set at 75% mark for the required attendance for students to be allowed to sit exams.

This means that a student who attends less than three quarters of their lectures will not be allowed to sit their end of semester exams and will have to re-sit the exam next year.

In a letter written by the Deputy Director Quality Assurance at Kampala International University Western Campus, Dr. Grace Akinyi Adongo and circulated to all faculties, students were warned against dodging lectures.

“This serves as a warning to all students that you will be required to attain 75% lecture attendance to be allowed to sit for your end of semester exams,” she wrote. “Please note that computation is still ongoing until the end of the semester and we will pin the updated list a week before the end of semester exams.”

Attendance lists in all schools at the campus are circulated in every lecture for students in attendance to sign. They are then submitted to the Directorate for Quality Assurance on a daily basis for computation of each student’s attendance result.

According to Collins Kakwezi, the Deputy Public Relations Officer Western Campus, the news was well received.

Kenneth Mwesigye, a fourth-year student of medicine said it was required to ensure that students attended lectures and grasped what was taught.

“My course is very practical in that if you don’t attend lectures, you have no chance of being a medical doctor and you will end up disappointing your parents,” Mwesigye said.


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