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KIU Western Campus Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday


KIU, Western Campus – Christians at KIU Western Campus in their respective denominations on Sunday April 10 gathered in their different churches to celebrate Palm Sunday, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Many students were seen carrying palms as they made their way to church.

Inside the campus, at the Biomedicals block (in the picture), which most students use as a worship center, palm trees were planted to mark this special day in the Christian calendar.

Emma Okello, a fourth year Bachelor of Clinical Medicine student who prays from Phaneroo Ministries, said that this was a special day for him because it is the first he remembers celebrating.

“As a child, I remember this as being the first day I celebrated. We went to church as a whole family waving palms and I remember I was very excited. So, it holds very special personal meaning for me,” Okello told this website.

Arkline Twikirize, a Bachelor’s of Education finalist said that as a Christian, this is a very important day and it is her religious obligation to mark it in a special way.

“This is one of the most sacred days to Christians. As long as am healthy, I am supposed to celebrate it not only because am a Christian but also to thank the Lord for life,” she said.

Photo: Collins Kakwezi