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KIU Western Campus Faculty of Education to Commemorate Tree Conservation Day


KIU, Western Campus – The Faculty of Education at KIU Western Campus has designated April 14, 2023 as a day of planting trees at specific places around the campus and holding a seminar about the same under the theme, “Plant a tree and conserve the environment.”

This event is being organized to emphasize the urgent need to save Mother Nature in response to the current environment crisis that has seen many hazards around the world that are caused by global warming as a result of environmental degradation.

The event will take place in Post-Graduate Block Room 11 from 10:00 AM and will be graced by among others the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for KIU Western Campus Prof. Frank Mugisha Kaharuza, the Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor Finance and Administration (ADVC- F&A) Dr Mustapha Mundu and the Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics and Research (ADVC-A&R), Mikhail Umar.

Tree planting or afforestation is one of the measures through which we can stall the escalation of environmental degradation that has caused global warming, which is caused by increased carbon emissions which trap heat in the atmosphere.

This increases sea levels as a result of melting of ice and causes hazards such as hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms and floods, which wreak havoc on animals, humans and plants leading to food shortage, famines, deaths and displacement of people.

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