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KIU Western Campus Guild Electoral Commission Sworn In


KIU, Western Campus – The KIU Western Campus Guild Electoral Commission, which will oversee the election of the Guild Union has been sworn in on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024.

The Commission was sworn in by the University Lawyer in an event that was graced by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, KIU Western Campus, Assoc. Prof. Eric Mabonga (middle in the front row) and the Directors of Students Affairs and Quality Assurance.

In his remarks, Assoc. Prof. Mabonga told the commission to exercise integrity and not to be influenced by the candidates.

“You should exercise the highest level of integrity when conducting the election. Also, do not be influenced by the candidates financially through gifts they may offer you,” he advised.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Ms. Florah Bamutura advised the Chairperson of the Commission Felix Muhangi, and his team not to take sides and to organize a free and fair election.

“Please don’t take sides. As an administration, we don’t expect you to involve yourselves in fraudulent elections and you should protect the image of the university,” she said.

She also advised them to always follow the constitution of the commission in everything they do and it will guide them to follow the electoral laws.

Ms. Bamutura revealed that the commission will undergo training, which will be conducted by the previous Electoral Commission so that they are empowered to organize a free and fair election.

Felix Muhangi was sworn in as the Chairperson of the Commission, with Daniel Ankunzire as the Deputy Chairperson and Andrew Omara Opio as the General Secretary.