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KIU Western Campus Guild President Rwotomiyo to Publish Book


KIU, Western Campus – The Guild President for KIU Western Campus Brian Rwotomiyo is planning to publish a book, which he will do after the completion of his trenure.

He revealed this news to this website on January 22 and he said the book, which will be his first, will be called "The Expectations".

“I was inspired to write this book basing on the realities of human lives and the expectations that young people have always had,” he said.

“This new book will help address a number of challenges, for example the transition of students from the secondary setting into the university one,” he added.

The book will also explore the nature of university love affairs, varying financial levels of students in the university setting, students who hustle for a living at campus , balancing leadership and academics, the variation between expectations and realities after graduation ,conditional failure in academics and most importantly the understanding of students' politics nationally.

Rwotomiyo said he was inspired by the president Gen. Yoweri Museveni who through his book “Sowing the mustard seed” showed the determination that a revolutionary leader ought to have.

Brian Rwotomiyo was elected as the Guild President of KIU Western Campus in August last year after taking part in a by-election to replace Douglas Matovu who had died.

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