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KIU Western Campus Guild Union By-Election Process Commences


KIU, Western Campus – The KIU Western Campus Guild Union By-election for Guild President and five Member of Parliament (MP) positions has kicked off, with hopefuls completing the picking of nomination forms today.

The by-elections will be for MPs for the School of Nursing Sciences (two positions), Postgraduate Studies (1 position) as well as Faculty of Science and Technology (one position for a male and female each).

The two-day nomination process kicks off tomorrow and campaigns will kick off on Monday August 14 and end on August 15, according to the roadmap released by the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs.

The election date for the MPs is August 16.

The process of Guild president by-election starts on August 17 with the picking of the nomination forms, nominations, campaigns and presidential debate taking place on that same day.

The election of the Guild President and swearing in of all elected presidents will take place on August 18.

The position of Guild President fell vacant after the demise of then president Douglas Matovu in a road accident in May this year.

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