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KIU Western Campus Holds Grand Opening of Admissions and Students Affairs Offices


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Western Campus held a colourful grand opening of the Admissions and Students Affairs offices, which are housed in the Administration block, on Thursday March 16.

The ceremony, which was graced by the DVC Prof. Frank Mugisha Kaharuza, the ADVC Finance and Administration Dr. Mustapha Mundu, the ADVC Academics and Research Prof. Mikhail Umar, the Dean Students Affairs Florah Bamutura and other Directors and Deans, started at 5:00 pm and ended shortly after 8:00 pm.

It began with an opening prayer from the Deputy Director Students Affairs Malkiah Haulah, followed opening remarks by the Director Students Affairs Bamutura.

Bamutura thanked the university management for their support in giving them new offices and organizing the opening ceremony.

Her short speech was followed by remarks from the Director Academic Affairs Emmanuel Eniru, who congratulated the two departments on their new offices.

“We shall miss you both (DSA and Admissions) but I congratulate you on your new home. It is very spacious and I know you already feel the ambience. We wish you the best,” Eniru, who is a former neighbour of the two departments remarked.

The ADVC – A&R Prof. Mikail also congratulated them and remarked that they deserve the new offices because of their importance to the university.

“The offices are so beautiful and they will now accommodate the two souls of the university,” he said.

“These two departments are the beginning and end of the university. If there is a mistake in admissions, there will be no students or staff or university. And the DSA supports the students,” he added.

The ADVC – F&A, Dr. Mundu called it a “palace” and thanked the Chairman Board of Trustees (CBOT) Al Hajji Dr. Hassan Basajjabalaba for accepting to fund the project.

The DVC Prof. Kaharuza also thanked the CBOT for funding the project and said that this was the “beginning” adding that the opening ceremony was a “special moment” no matter how small it is.

He also gave a brief history of how the decision to create new office space for the two departments came about.

“Students Affairs is a very busy office handling so many students daily and so is Admissions. We realized that we need to decongest. That is how this whole idea came about,” he said.

After that, he officially opened the new offices alongside the DSA, after which the guests enjoyed cake and then treated to a sumptuous dinner followed by a dance.

Probably the most memorable highlight of the ceremony was when student leaders presented the DSA with a birthday cake, which moved her to tears.

Photos: Collins Kakwezi