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KIU Western Campus Hosts the 2nd Annual Allied Intra-School Quiz Competition


KIU, Western Campus - The association of Allied Health Science (SAHS) students of KIU Western Campus recently organized an inclusive and collaborative medical quiz under the school of allied health sciences. 

The quiz, which ran from 8 to 11 November, 2023, involved the display of academic prowess and talent plus expertise of various cadres within the school. 

A variety of healthcare disciplines were represented which included Bachelor and Diploma of Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Bachelor and Diploma of Medical Laboratory Science and Technology and Bachelor of Medical Imaging and Radiography, among others. 

The diversity of the courses represented not only highlighted the rich spectrum of disciplines encapsulated within SAHS but also the wholesomeness of the local and global healthcare system.

According to Joanitah Nazziwa, the Academics Minister of SAHS, the quiz involved various examination rounds aimed at assessing students grasp on classroom contexts, application of theoretical knowledge in solving real world medical problems and practical skills that are essential for their future roles in provision of health care. 

“It was a truly enriching and educational experience where bonds were fostered among students of various healthcare paths which symbolizes the importance of collaboration in the health sector where professionals with various expertise must work together for the benefit of patients,” said Nazziwa.

The organizers included student leaders, faculty members and administrators from SAHS and their planning and execution of the competition was on point. 

11th November 2023 was the climax of the event and saw groups 6 led by Jackline Mbambu and 3 led by Johnson Olise in the finals with Mbambu’s group emerging winners. 

The award ceremony was presided over by Dr. Isa Asiimwe, who was the representative of the Dean of SAHS, together with the president and speaker of the student’s guild union parliament.

The winners and runners-up were adorned with gold and silver medals respectively

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