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KIU Western Campus iMental Health Club Advocating for Mental Health for all


KIU, Western Campus - The iMental Health Club KIU was established on 24th October 2022, with the purpose of promoting awareness about mental health issues and providing support and resources for KIU students and staff. 
iMental at KIU is a KIU on-Campus affiliate of the iMental Health Organization, which is dedicated to creating a climate of mental well-being and empowering children, youth and adults having mental health challenges. 
iMental advocates for access to services, treatment, support and research, and is steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness and building a community of hope for all of those in need.  
The goals of the iMental health club KIU are;

1. To raise mental health awareness and fight stigma, by incorporating 70% of the students body in club activities. 

2. To create a safe space community for students struggling with mental health issues to receive the help they need to thrive. This includes advocating for a well-furnished wellness center and provision of more therapists. 

3. To raise money to fund club activities and events. 

4. To have positive impact on every student’s mental health through creative activities. 

5. To campaign for and encourage through our activities the launch of iMental health clubs in other educational institutions. 

6. To promote individual independence and wholesomeness through many educative programs. 

7. To promote healthier relationships among students and between students and the university staff for a better learning environment. 

8. To encourage peer to peer shout outs, self-confidence and mutual respect among students.

9. To reduce the number of students that do not progress due to mental health issues and to prevent the tragedy of suicide among students. 

They try to achieve these goals through social activities like campfires (in the image), exrcises like aerobics, music as well as sporting activities like basketball.

One of the members of the iMental Club at KIU are; Shalom Omondo, who relates to a mental health challenge she had last year.

“I had a hard time finding help during a crisis in April of 2022, which forever changed my life and shaped my goals,” she says.

“And when I learned that I could get the help (therapy) I needed free of charge at the university hospital, I thought "other students probably don't know about it as well”, so I wrote to the administration requesting for the establishment of this club, not just so that we can raise awareness, but engage our student community in activities that would go a long way to improve our quality of life,” she adds.

Others are Keyles Naleeba, Trevor Antonial Tumusiime, Jonatahan Kirumira and Elias Baguma who aim at promoting mental health awareness and practices and help the society enjoy an emotional, psychological and social wellbeing, according to Club President Tumusiime.

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