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KIU Western Campus Nursing and Midwifery Students Begin UNMEB Exams


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Western Campus Nursing and Midwifery students yesterday commenced their Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (UNMEB) exams.

Finalist Nursing and Midwifery students at Certificate and Diploma level will do the exams, which take place from December 4 to 15, starting with theory papers followed by practical examinations.

The Dean Shool of Nursing Sr. Alice Twinamatsiko (in the picture below) wished the students success in their exams.

"We thank God,This is the day we have been waiting for, I appreciate the KIU management, the tutors, and our dear parents for all the support, our students are well prepared and ready to excell. As KIU school of nursing sciences we wish them great success and happy new year," she said.

According to Moses Baguma, the Head of Department for Certificate programs, 825 nursing and midwifery students will sit for the exams and he encouraged them to be courageous so they can pass.

“I call upon all student nurses and midwives to be strong and courageous enough in order to pass the UNMEB examinations. In the same sprit let students keep time in order to avoid embarrassment during examinations,” he said.

He added that all students are expected to report to the examination room by 07:00 am and they should be in full uniform. They are also required to report to examinations with a blue pen, pencil and nurses watch.

They will do the theory papers from December 4 to 8 and then do the practical exams from December 11 to 15. They started with anatomy, medicine and foundations of nursing and midwifery.

UNMEB aims to ensure conduct of reliable examinations that effectively measure expected quality of nurses and midwives based on curriculum objectives.