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KIU Western Campus Opens a 4-Day Grants Training Workshop


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Western Campus yesterday opened a 4-day grants training workshop dubbed the “training of trainers workshop” aimed at training researchers on how to write grant proposals.

The workshop, which gathered Deans, Associate Deans, Heads of Department and lecturers will aim at skilling researchers in grants and proposal writing techniques.

Dr. Mustapha Mundu, the Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor Finance and Administration at KIU Western Campus, in his opening remarks, thanked the Chairman Board of Trustees for this venture and encouraged researchers not to fear to apply for grants.

“I would like to thank the Chairman Board of Trustees (Dr. Al Hajji Hassan Basajjabalaba) for instituting the Directorate of Grants here and today is the climax of the journey we are going to start,” Dr. Mundu said.

“I encourage you all not to fear to apply for grants. There is no big grant or small grant,” he added.

The Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics and Research, Prof. Mikail Umar Isyaku revealed that when he was appointed to this position, he suggested that the university develops clusters at faculty and departmental level, which was eventually done in order to boost research.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for KIU Western Campus, Prof. Frank Mugisha Kaharuza, who opened the workshop, explained its purpose.

“The Training of Trainers workshop is being organized such that in future, all departments and schools should be having a vibrant research agenda,” Prof. Kaharuza explained.

He also warned the researchers that it is up to them to do the technical work and the university will help them administratively.

“The grants management team or unit of KIU is going to support us but they won’t write the research for you,” he warned.

“They will support you to do the administrative work that you need but they won’t do the thinking for you,” he added.

The workshop was facilitated by Professors Shanti and Janrav Bajpai, seasoned researchers who have won grants worth millions of dollars.

It will run up to Thursday April 20.