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KIU Western Campus Organizes Induction Ceremony for the 10th Guild Union


KIU, Western Campus – The induction ceremony for the 10th Guild Union of KIU Western Campus was held on Friday, May 24th in the Staff Common Room.

It was graced by the Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Bushenyi District William Donanto Kasigazi who was the Guest of Honour (standing in the picture), the DVC KIU Western Campus, Assoc. Prof. Eric Mabonga, Dean of Students Affairs, Ms. Florah Bamutura, Guild President Prudence Mahirwe and members of staff and the Guild Union.

The ceremony was organized to mentor the Guild Union members and advise them on how to conduct themselves during their term of office. Mr. Kasigazi told them that it was their time to shine and that both the administration and students were expecting a lot from them.

“You should be accountable as leaders. The administration and the people you lead will seek answers from you. Go back to the students and explain to them what you are doing,” he said.

He also advised them to exhibit leadership qualities like respect, confidence, self-belief, accountability, communication, humility, calmness and also be able to listen to advice and criticism.

Assoc. Prof. Mabonga congratulated them on having won the students’ trust and pledged support from the administration to help them succeed as they explore the heights, but also warned them to be careful about their decision-making.

“When I look at you, you are all young but you should be careful about the decisions you make because if you make bad decisions, students will follow your bad example because they voted for you,” he warned.

“Work as a team and you will achieve all that you want to achieve and people will always hear your voice. I wish you a good term,” he added.

Ms. Bamutura thanked the management for their unwavering support to the Directorate of Students Affairs and their assistance in organizing the ceremony. She advised the Guild members to always be humble. “You should always be humble because you have come to serve, not to compete. Let humility speak for you at all times,” she advised.

The Guild President, Ms. Mahirwe appreciated all the Guild members and reiterated that as leaders, they will always do much of the listening, especially to the advice they will receive from the administration.

The ceremony was a bonding affair, with staff and students engaging in discussions and staff members giving advice after a sumptuous meal provided by the administration.