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KIU Western Campus Orients its Faculty of Education First-Year Students


KIU, Western Campus – The Faculty of Education has today oriented its first-year in-service students in an event held in a Faculty lecture room at the Post-Graduate block.

In-service education can be defined as the relevant courses and activities in which a serving teacher may participate to upgrade his professional knowledge, skills, and competence in the teaching profession.

The exercise, which started from 10:00 AM and ended at 11:00 AM, was graced by among others the Heads of Departments (HODs) and Teaching Learning Coordinators (TLCs).

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Education Mohammed Tukur, the main purpose of the orientation exercise is to make the students familiar with the Faculty administrators and staff of the Faculty if the need arises.

“We are supposed to guide the students on how to go through their program in KIU successfully and also to liaise them with the different members of staff in the Faculty,” he said.

Tukur also wished the students success in their stay as students of KIU and advised them on how to conduct themselves at the university.

“They should try to abide by the KIU rules and regulations and be good ambassadors of the university when they are out there,” he added.

The HODs and TLCs from the different departments like Humanities, Foundations and others talked to them on how to make sure teaching and learning goes on well.

“Succeeding is about your personal responsibility. Sometimes you have to sacrifice so that you can move forward. You should get something out of your being here,” Dr. Joseph Wanjala, the Head of Department for Humanities in the Faculty told the students.

Students were taken through the registration process, timetables and learning, given directions to centers of learning and also told about the importance of class attendance.

The students will be at the Faculty for 3 weeks for their first session of study before they return to schools to teach.