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KIU Western Campus Releases 2023 Guild Council Election Roadmap


KIU, Western Campus – The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at KIU Western Campus has released the roadmap for the Guild Council Elections for the term 2023/2024.

The roadmap starts with the recruitment of election officials followed by the display of the election advert, which will be displayed today January 31.

Receiving of applications, the display of the list of applicants, interview of applicants, display of successful applicants, training of election officials, distribution of registration materials, registration of voters and display of voter’s register will be the next activities on the roadmap between February 3 and March 3.

On March 14, the process for electing the guild president and his or her cabinet will begin with the picking of the nomination forms followed by the nomination of the candidates, harmonization of campaign programmes, campaigns of members of parliament, stakeholders meeting and members of parliament will be elected on April 4.

The second phase of the guild elections will begin on April 5 with the picking of the nomination forms for guild president and nomination of candidates, nominations of candidates and campaigns, debate of guild president and finally the election of the guild president, which will be held on April 11.

This will conclude the process of replacing Juma Muluya, the current guild president and Moses Cooper Otim, the current guild vice-president.

Photo: Collins Kakwezi