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KIU Wins the 2021 Inter-University Law Faculty Football Gala


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- KIU stunned IUIU with a 3-0 victory in spot kicks to win the highly competitive 2021 inter- University Law faculty football gala on Wednesday 27th October 2021 at Kakungulu playground in Kibuli.

This victory was another stamp to the society's quest for supremacy in all affairs countrywide having proved unbeatable in the recent national moot court and debate competitions.

With the match tied up to a goalless draw at full-time, KIU needed the magnificence of goalkeeper Jude Anguria to overcome IUIU in a highly tensional penalty shootout that saw him save all the spot-kicks of the opponents with ease as his side converted three and missed only one that hit the crossbar before being announced champions.

Anguria stretched swiftly and punched each of IUIU's shots away from his posts on either ends sending a scanty crowd of KIU fans at Kakungulu playground mad.

"That was magnificent, extremely brilliant. I have never seen such a performance anywhere else; that keeper is wonderful." One of the IUIU students watching on the sidelines remarked after watching KIU goalkeeper Anguria stretch like a leopard to save their talisman's effort.

Raymond Aliga, the president of KIU law Society had his hands over the head in disbelief of what he had witnessed. He remarked, "That's marvellous," as he rushed to embrace the day's messiah, Anguria.

Aliga told this website after the match that their triumph in this year's football gala is an added testimony of the teams determination to succeed in all spheres.

"O.M.G, it just feels very tremendous because as the KIU law society, our tenure of office aimed at seeing victory in all our set goals. so, adding on to today's victory is another plus for the law society and it shows how zealous we are determined to achieve success," President Aliga said.

KIU was the only team that never conceded a goal and that credit belongs to the indispensable Anguria whose remarkable performance in goal kept the champions at Bay with his most significant moment coming in the last minute of the game when he swiftly dived to punch a tricky ball off the far post hence saving the eventual champions from their tournaments biggest scare.

Their victory was a result of a combination of determination, desire, hard work, teamwork and the willingness to prove the odds wrong. Prior to the kickoff of the first match, KIU was considered an underdog by most opponents but this view changed with the University's first victory against the tournament top contenders UCU on Saturday.
"They think we are underdogs, they are aware we are a weaker team but that's not true, let's play each game like a final and eventually we shall prove them wrong," sports minister Justice Ochieng advised his boys as they lined up against Mukono based side, UCU on Saturday.

Struggling to find words, Ochieng, upon receiving the winner's medal remarked that their triumph had made him a proud servant.

"I feel proud to serve and my hopes are high to still continue winning," he said.