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KIU's Centre of Excellence Nurtures Innovators: Celebrating the Success of Pioneer Cohorts


On September 29, 2023, Kampala International University's Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CoEEI) hosted a Mini-Exhibition on the 5th floor of the Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library.

This event serves as a platform to showcase the innovative solutions and research outcomes generated by the pioneer cohorts. It is an opportunity for the wider community to witness firsthand the impact of CoEEI's programs and the potential they hold for shaping a brighter future.

This year, CoEEI is celebrating the remarkable achievements of its pioneer cohorts in the Research and Innovation Training (RIT) program and the Knowledge and Skills Transfer (KST) program.

The RIT program, which spanned 12 weeks, served as an intensive introduction to the Research-based Innovation Lifecycle through a project-based approach. Thirteen students embarked on this transformative journey, where they were encouraged to explore the realms of innovation and research, developing real-world solutions to pressing issues. On the other hand, the KST program focused on Microcontroller Programming for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and was completed by six dedicated students over eight weeks.

The pioneer cohorts have successfully completed their placements, leaving behind a legacy that speaks volumes about their potential and the effectiveness of CoEEI's programs.

KIU staff were led by Prof.Mouhammad Mpezamihigo the Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University, Dr. Andrew Kitua the DVC RICE, Dr. Umar Yahya the Director, of the Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dr. Hashim Ibrahim Bisallah, the Director of Research Innovation Consultancy and Extension (RICE). Dr. Margaret Kareyo, the Associate DVC RICE, and Judith Bakakimpa, the Campus Administrator, among others.