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Law Society Presidential Candidates to Lock Horns in Debate This Wednesday


By Isaac Akugizibwe.

KIU, Main Campus - The KIU Law Society Electoral Commission has announced that this year’s presidential debate will be held on Wednesday 9th December 2020 in the university main hall starting from 2pm East African standard time.

The theme of Wednesday’s debate will be, ‘’Possibilities of Building Law Society Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic."

According to Eyadu Juvenile, the Law Society Electoral Commission Chairperson, the debate is aimed at establishing the capabilities of various candidates to deliver service to students based on their manifestos and ability to express and solve problems through dialogue.

‘’The aim of this debate is to help the voters establish the capabilities of various candidates in terms of ideas and ability to use dialogue in solving problems,’’ Eyadu said. 

Agather Irankunda, the Vice Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, added that the debate also helps the voters to establish the best candidates based on reason as opposed to propaganda.

Eyadu disclosed that only two presidential candidates have been cleared and will be facing each other in what he described as a ground breaking debate. 

He said that, ’’Counsel Aliga Raymond and Derrick Kwesaagira, both of third year School of Law, are the duly nominated presidential candidates and thus they will be required to turn up for a debate on Wednesday afternoon.’’

He also confirmed that the Guest of Honour at the debate will be Ameo Jennifer Ogol, a lecturer from School of Law Department.

Other key offices like the vice president and the society speaker will also have time in the debate with a fierce battle expected between Ssali Ronald and Nkahirwa Noah who are vying for speakership.