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Lawyers Poise To End Four Year Wait, a Sure Deal


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The Guild Union Electoral commission, on Wednesday 9th December, declared two candidates eligible to run for Presidency in the 2020 Guild presidential poll on Thursday afternoon. The most certain result on the election was that the next person to fill the students union’s top most office would be a lawyer since all the candidates were students of law.

Martin Ainebyona, the Electoral commission chairperson, said that Karuhanga Ronald and Musiimenta Jacob, all MPs elect from the School of Law were the only candidates who picked and returned nomination forms confirming their bid for Guild Presidency.

‘’It is only Ronald Karuhanga and Musiimenta Jacob who picked and returned nomination forms and indeed the Electoral commission found them eligible to run for the position of Guild President KIU 2020\2021," Martin said in a telephone interview. 

He added that the two were since allowed to reach out to newly elected members of parliament to ask for votes ahead of the election.

Martin had also reassured the candidates, voters and the general public that the election of Guild president was to be free and fair like the college elections.

A four-year wait for the School of Law to post a Guild President would eventually end if any of the two candidates is declared winner in today’s poll.

The winner in the poll, Jacob Musiimenta, is expected to officially start duties of a Guild President on Saturday 12th December 2020 in a swearing in and handover ceremony that will bring Moses Ariiho’s one year and eight months reign to an end.