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Leadership is an Honour: KIU Vice-Chancellor Tells Student Leaders


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus -The Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University, Dr Muhammad Mpezamihigo has asked student leaders to embrace leadership and use it well to change their subjects positively because it is an honour. Dr.Mpezamihigo was the guest of honour at the Guild Union handover ceremony on Saturday December 12, 2020.Though in absentia due to international duties, he delivered his message through Dr.Mbabazi Mbabazize, the Principal College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

He asked the newly elected student leaders to work well with the administration and their fellow students if they are to be successfull during their term of office. He urged them to learn to think for the good of others so that they be able to make good things happen.

‘’You must remember that when you think for the good of others, good things happen to you,’’ The Vice Chancellor remarked.

He also warned the student leaders against relying on experiences because life can be tricky and cunning sometimes. 

‘’What your eyes see may not be true at times,’’ he said.

Dr. Mpezamihigo also commended the outgoing Guild government for being assertive, ambitious and dynamic. He applauded the wonderful performance of the whole team and the exceptional and charismatic servant leadership of President Ariho Moses.

 He added that Ariho’s presidency and leadership has been rare in the university’s most recent history.