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Maraga and Co-advocates' Handover Dinner to focus on Professional Excellency


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU Law students under Maraga and Co-advocates, one of the most popular students law firms will on Friday gather at Almaz restaurant for a long-awaited handover dinner that will see the leadership of Managing Partner, Justice Ochieng come to an end.

This dinner will be the first of its kind in Maraga's history at KIU and will feature a talk and a moot trial under the theme; Professional Excellency.

Justice Ochieng has been at the helm of Maraga and Co-advocates for the last one and a half years where he was able to see the firm finish second in the inter-law firms moot competition as well as keeping the name Maraga and Co-advocates sounding around Uganda's leading Private University.

He thinks it is time he tried other things and give chance to another able and differently gifted individual to lead Maraga and Co-advocates.

 " Now as the head of Maraga and advocates, I need to leave power and leave other people to lead," Ochieng said.

"And it's been a long ride from being a minister in law society, Attorney general at the Forum for Ideas, I now think it's time to call it a quit and try something else," he added.

Ochieng also noted that his decision to leave power voluntarily and when it's due is in line with the democratic values he upholds.

"We as students, we need to show the rule of democracy and abide to its doctrine," he said.

The finalist legal gladiator has expressed gratitude to the university for giving him a platform to exercise his leadership skills as well as appreciate his good work.

"The university has decorated me with many accolades of awards for the successful work that I have done. I really feel its now time to have a quit," he noted.

Ochieng is now the overseer of moots ahead of inter-classes that are expected to tip off on 15th October. He is however very confident that his firm Maraga and Co-advocates will produce champions this time round.