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Meet Namutebi, the Natural Born Leader That has Undying Passion for KIU


KIU, Western Campus – When you talk to Jackline Namutebi about KIU, she uses superlatives that could make you think that she has vested interests in the institution.

The Bachelor of Nursing Sciences graduate-to-be and multiple leader says she has never imagined herself doing any course in any other institution apart from KIU.

“If you ask me, I intend to come back to KIU 100% because it is the best private university in Uganda and I actually intend to do my Master’s in Public Health from here,” Namutebi says.

“I advise anyone intending to get a university education to pick an admission from KIU right-away because it is a good institution, well-equipped and has a good environment where anyone can thrive very well,” she adds.

Namutebi, a brilliant young leader has served the university and nation in various capacities, using her leadership capabilities to touch many lives.

She is the outgoing Speaker of the university Guild Council, being the first female student to do so, she is a former Member of Parliament for the School of Nursing Sciences, she is the ambassador of the 03 PLUS UNESCO Program and the Member of the National Youth Parliament representing Central Region. 

She says she has the passion to serve others because of her empathetic nature and will to help and inspire others.

“As a leader I have been able to help others financially, mentally and I have been an inspiration to them to be honest, hardworking and have the passion to progress,” Namutebi reveals.

“Leaders should not abandon the students and they should keep in touch with them to know their challenges and problems and they should sit down with them to find solutions to these challenges and problems,” she adds.

She reminisces on her most memorable moment at KIU.

“My best memory is when I got the admission to KIU and three weeks later received a bursary. I will never forget because I was so happy. I appreciate the Board of Trustees  for the bursaries they give to students because they are very important to them,” she notes.

Namutebi also says she wants to impact the youth and her community with healthy knowledge, especially in prevention of diseases and promoting health because it is the most important gift that we all have.

And basing on her ambition, drive and track record, you can’t bet against Namutebi to achieve all of her dreams.

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