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Milestone Alert: KIU Teaching Hospital’s Nursing Department Featured in American Nurse Journal


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Teaching Hospital’s Nursing department has been featured in the April issue of the American Nurse Journal, as overall winners of the International Team Award in the 2020 All-Pro Nursing Team Awards.

The journal thanked the hospital’s nursing team for its excellent work and dedication, hard work, clinical expertise and patient advocacy.

“At American Nurse Journal, we recognize the impact nurses have had on the health and well being of their patients because we help them tell their stories in the pages of this journal,” a statement on their website read.

KIU Teaching Hospital’s nursing department submitted an essay titled “Values in Action”, where they stressed the value of communication and interpersonal skills and recruiting nursing team members who can communicate effectively with clients and co-workers.

They also shared their expertise in clinical areas ranging from cardiac health and diabetes care to infection control, pressure injury prevention and home health.

The American Nurse Journal organized these awards in honour of The Year of the Nurse, which is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale’s birth.

In her compilation of the essay, Sr Elizabeth Kamahoro, the Principal Nursing Officer of the hospital said, “Our values encompass integrity, excellence, humility, professionalism, care and compassion, teamwork, respect, accountability and stewardship, communication and vision and mission implementation,”

“In a nutshell, KIU-TH is positioned to excel in nursing care within the district, the country and the world at large,” she added.

The Nursing departments success in another notch in impressive track record of the KIU Western Campus in Ishaka, a Hub of Science. In 2018, the KIU Teaching Hospital was recognized by the Ministry of Health as the best referral hospital in Uganda and the best in the country’s western region.