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Milestone Alert: KIUPSA Achievements and Milestones in 2022


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Pharmacy Students Association (KIUPSA) has been one of the most vibrant students associations at KIU Western Campus over the years.

And under the stewardship of Michael Daniel Funda, the association President, KIUPSA managed to achieve a plethora of things during his term in 2022.

Below, in his words, is what KIUPSA achieved in 2022.

Having been given the opportunity and mandate to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of KIUPSA for the year 2021-2022 regime, as a team and as per promises of service we echoed while pursuing the various offices. 
By end of this year 2022, the following had been achieved as per set work plan and goals we had while seeking for the offices you entrusted us in. 

1. Securing of association office, “KIUPSA OFFICE” well-furnished and equipped with a well-functioning computer that is well connected to internet. Apparently the association has a base of activities, and a place where association property is securely well kept. 

2. Industrial training, on assuming office, the COVID-19 pandemic had paralysed most of the normal routine student based learning physical activities. Industrial training being one of them, as a committee we made the necessary engagements with the school and university administration to restoration of the physical industrial training. 

3. Botanical garden. The students’ based traditional medicinal plants garden is currently well located with direction sign posts. Maintenance of this garden has taken place throughout the year. Over 1000 medicinal plants were lobbied from National Forest Authority, these will aid in student based research in the nearby future. A pull banner was secured from the university management for publicity of the botanical garden. Online publications of the botanical garden and products showcase at exhibitions was achieved.

4. Publication of KIUPSA Pharmaceutical journal. The 5th edition of a students’ compiled pharmaceutical journal was launched during pharmacy awareness week. This journal contains outstanding pharmaceutical content/articles from students and staff on key challenges within the health zone, key addresses from university stake holders, partners and sponsors. The journal is entailed with the yearly association activities. Copies are available at the KIUPSA offices. 

5. Pharmaceutical exhibitions. A pharmaceutical-health care exhibition was organized, which took place at university teaching hospital grounds. This was in attendance by some of the top pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies from Kampala like Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries, Wide Spectrum distributors, Busitema Natural Products Innoviation Centre, Allied Health Professionals et al.

We also participated in 3 national exhibitions, these included; Herbal medicines exhibition at Rukarwarwe, Bushenyi, PharmaTech exhibition at UMA grounds in Kampala and National science exhibition at Kololo grounds in Kampala. 
These exhibitions have the association exposure to facilitations of ideas yet to be achievements in the near future.

6. Financial stand. We collected over 20 million ug.shs, inclusive of outsourced/lobbied funds. This was a milestone in achieving most of the planned association activities. 

7. Alumni sensitization. We held an alumni day during pharmacy awareness week. This involved sports games and an evening get together. Through mobilization of former association leaders this was achieved. Challenges and recommendations are reported in the handover report. 

8. Pharmacy Dinner. This was revived and a successful students, staff, alumni, mentors and guests from the pharmaceutical setting get together was held. It was fun, educative and memorable. And it led to a financial contribution towards the botanical garden. 

9. Mr. and Miss Pharmacy. The second edition of MR and MISS PHARMACY was held. This brought up self-esteem amidst the students community and promotion of talent beyond academics. The event was held successfully and it generated income for the association in addition to visibility of the association. Recommendations are cited in handover report. 

10. Sports activities. A pharmacy sports gala was organized with winners being awarded. exclusive participation in inter-faculty sports games and exclusive participation in inter-university sports games as organized by UPSA. Organized pharmacy awareness week sports activities. Organized for marathon themed Mental Health Awareness. 

11. Essay writing and quiz competitions. These were organized on the basis of health challenges within the community with winners being awarded. The KIUPSA team won the inter-university pharmaceutical quiz competitions that took place at Mbarara University.

  Well, well done team KIUPSA. We hope for more in 2023.