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Ministry of Education Bans External Mocks in Candidate Classes


By Stuart Bogere Oswald 

KIU, Main Campus - The Ministry of Education has banned all external mocks and examinations previously organized for students in secondary and primary schools.

According to Dr Denis Mugimba, the Spokesperson at the Ministry of Education, schools should focus more on spending time on teaching and learning as opposed to conducting exams.

The Ministry has also banned beginning of term and mid-term examinations and has instead asked schools to use this time to recover the time that students lost during the two years of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Mugimba also stressed that students should only be subjected to final examinations conducted by the Uganda National Examination Board.

Meanwhile, according to Martin Okiria, the National Chairperson of the Secondary Schools’ Head Teachers’ Association, mocks are a benchmarking tool that helps a teacher to improve on their weak point based on the performance of their learners in these exams.